Therapatists and Practitioners who use Lifewave Nanotechnology

Leonie Kowald.
Incorporates Lifewave patches in her practice as a Naturopath in Adelaide.SA

Pamela Grant.
Incorporates Lifewave patches in her acupuncture practice in Santa Barbara California.

Dr Karen Kan.
Is a holistic physician and medical acupuncturist Dr Kan was introduced to Lifewave patches in 2010.

Elias Stergiou
A Naturopathic Nutritionist &TCM Practitioner based in Athens Greece.

Dr. Dennis Cathcart DC
has been serving the Phoenix area as a Chiropractor since 1992.


Dr Tong. surgical anaesthetist and acupuncturist. www.drtong.com

Yaseng Yann is a Thermal Imaging Specialist and Acupuncturist from SoCal, California who uses Lifewave patches in her practice.

Pamela Russell an acupuncturist who uses Lifewave technology in her practice.