Triple Warmer Meridian

The Triple Warmer or as some call it the Triple heater or Triple Energiser whatever you call it,it isn’t viewed as an organ therefore has no dis-harmonies of its own.

Dis-harmonies of the lung and heart are the dis-harmonies of the Upper Warmer.


Range from -Yellow nasal discharge,discharge and inflammation of the eyes,earache,cough with thick yellow mucus,swollen lymph glands on the neck,fever,chills/sensitivity to cold,headache accompanied with a sensation of heaviness,nasal and sinus congestion,deafness,lateral head pain,mastoid pain.edema of the cheeks and throat soreness.

Dis-harmonies of the spleen/stomach are the dis-harmonies of the Middle Warmer.


Range from-Abdominal discomfort,bloating,gas,indigestion,loss of appetite,vomiting and nausea,diarrhea,fever,heaviness of the limbs,dry mouth,fatigue or no energy,frequent urination with burning sensation.

Dis-harmonies of the kidney,bladder,small and large intestine are the dis-harmonies of the Lower Warmer.


Range from- Diarrhea/foul odor possibly with a burning sensation,urinary dysfunction,yellow vaginal discharge with bad odor,lower abdominal distention,Dizziness.

For Example

Water Retention


1x Glutathione on TW3

1 x Glutathione on LU1

Both on the right side

Upper Body/Lower Body Imbalance


2 sets of Energy Enhancers

1x Energy Enhancer on TW5

1x Energy Enhancer on GB41

Aeon on GV14

Glutathione on GV4

Carnosine on Cv17