My Journey thus far!

Hi , I’m Beverlea-ann

This is not one of those dry, boring “About Me” pages.

I was born in Hong Kong to English parents in the ’60’s and Yes I was an army brat… I grew up in a little seaside village in the south of England until my world was changed foreverā€¦ At the tender young age of 12 yrs our family embarked on a wild ,unknown journey to a big brown land they call Australia. We landed in Adelaide in 1974 (I was terrified! ) I spent my teenage years growing up there.

The wild, hot dry land was a mystery to me.

I dropped out of High school,I was never great at Maths and English but loved being creative I wanted to be among many things a Commercial Artist but this was never to be, we never have the funds for extra studies and fancy uni’s. All I could think about was leaving school to make some money.

It’s also important that you know I don’t have an office in a big building somewhere, nor have I a fancy PhD or MBA hanging on my wall.

So after many years spent in and out of crappy jobs and collecting unemployment benefits for a time, I decided to step up and take an opportunity that was passed to me. I learnt to cook and began a career as a Chef.

These are just some of the yummy ,tasty delights.
Paleo, vegetarian ,vegan.

I now live in beautiful Port Elliot South Australia.I work Part- time at the moment but apart from that ,life’s good.

Who was I really?

I’m also a trained Bowen Therapy facilitator and a Bushland Officer which got me into the bush on the Northern beaches of Sydney I have also spent a lot of time researching nutrition, healthy lifestyle’s, biohacking and anti-aging.

But for the last 20 or so years I have been also working on my self awareness and growth. I have struggled with self-esteem and motivation in the past but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel to freedom. The sense of satisfaction thats achieved through embarking on a new ,creative adventure and doing the work.!

So chances are you want to be elevated to a place where your reality of having time and freedom to be with friends and family and to pursue much-loved interests is no longer a dream ,who doesn’t right. In a nutshell, preferably a macadamiašŸŒ³, you are here because you’re pretty serious about driving change, to improve your lifestyle, and that of others and to help bring change to the world.

Some great spots to work ,near the beach .
Manly NSW

But seriously it still takes a bit of work and self-discipline to achieve greatness right?

I will never say its been ‘easy’.

Over the years I have tried many things, failed online businesses, different jobs, researching and reading this book and that book and so it goes on, sound familiar?I was trying to have time and the freedom just to be me.

But two things were missing.


Now if you’re anything like me then my first thought when I heard mentor was “Run for the hills – I don’t need someone telling me what to do.” Or it sounded a bit weird, much like one of those gurus you hear about with a ego a mile high …Oh! I mean kilometres high! Which could not be further from the truth. You’ll know when you have found the right mentor ,listen to your intuition. Of course a mentor is very necessary they have been there before and have asked the same questions. But not just a mentor try and find a whole community that are great to be around and have your back!


But guess what… I was also missing the mindset part, oops! Don’t you think that driven and enthusiastic people with a healthy balanced positive outlook live a better life?

So here I am today letting you know that it can be done especially with the right tools in your tool box.šŸ”§ I am still on my own journey to freedom but I know it will work this time. The systems are being put in place and I am ready for take off.

I will be firing my boss. I will have time to follow and appreciate my PASSIONS, INTERESTS and DREAMS!

I will have FREEDOM to work from anywhere. I will have more FREEDOM than I know what to do with.

So what about you?

It’s important for you to know that i believe that there are four kinds of people that succeed.

1st …. the person that has willingness to invest in themselves, both with time and a bit of money.

2nd…. the person with a problem to solve. Example : Problem one …. is that you are in a job or a business that is stopping you from living the life you really want and deserve? Problem two…could be that you feeling like you don’t fit in at work or your feeling unsafe in your current career or feeling like you need a ‘plan B

3rd…. the person that has a burning desire Example: A burning desire is something you want really badly like travelling world or being able to spend way more time with you family. Or having time and freedom to change the world.

4th…. the person who has a healthy balanced positive outlook!

So… do you see what i mean?

Still with me?

So let me ask you : “Do you want a change?”

If so, and you’re tired of not living your life, then lets at least explore the possibility of working with leaders which could help us free up time to pursue our fields of interest or our businesses and take advantage of great opportunities that could be yours.

Have a plan and discover who you really are!

“Dare Greatly”

Me and my mate Gemma

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  1. *An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

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