Elevated Solutions for Pain

Pain and your business, so what?

  • The economic cost of chronic pain was estimated at 34 billion dollars in 2007, 6 billion on pelvic pain alone.
  • Pain is the most common reason people seek medical help.
  • One in five Australian children and young adults, one in three people over the age of 65
  • Chronic pain is Australia’s third most costly health condition.
  • Arthritis and back pain are the most common reasons people of working age 45 to 65 drop out of the work force.
  • Productivity costs were more than 7.4 million in 2012.
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Recently I ‘ve found a great way to ease pain almost immediately .I was looking for an alternative solution for a family member who has suffered back pain for many years. I was also having problems with ‘tennis elbow’ and work related strain .

I stumbled across a great little solution and when I say little I mean little about the size of a ten cent piece and light as a feather.

The solution : Lifewave patches.

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Therapists Business Opportunity…..

If your a therapist or practitioner who treats hundreds of clients suffering chronic pain.

You maybe looking at the next evolution for a pain-free life.

Reach out to me.

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