Conversations with the body


What is Bowen Therapy

  • Bowen is a dynamic,remedial body technique that is extremely gentle and very relaxing.
  • Bowen empowers the body’s own innate healing resources.
  • Applied small gentle moves, each at a specific site on the body.
  • Working on the fascia,meridians,acupoints and myofascial trigger points.

The way I use Bowen Therapy may differ from other experiences,I’m a true believer of letting the body do the work.In fact the session maybe so relaxing that you ‘ll drift in and out of a sleepy, dreamy experience.

My aim is to let your body feel the stillness that, in this modern world is very rare on a day to day basis.


“I’m a regular Bowen addict. Bev’s treatments keep me
pain-free, balanced, vibrant and alert. I love them!
It would actually be impossible for me to do my job
as a Healer without the Bowen relaxation treatments
regenerating me regularly.”

“One Bowen treatment was different it seemed like she had ‘healing hands’ the Bowen was the same
but the vibration coming from her hands and into
my body was that of a Healer – deeply nurturing.
Afterwards I quizzed her on what had changed,
She was wearing LifeWave patches during the session.”