How does pain affect relationships?

Chronic painful conditions are uncomfortable episodes that last beyond an expected period of illness or injury. A person experiences faulty signals via the central nervous system that can last days, weeks, or months past an initial injury. Chronic painful conditions lead to a chronic stress reaction that increases both blood pressure and heart rate. This stressful reaction leads to harmful health effects, such as the reduced ability to fight off illness and infection. It can also increase the risk of development of certain conditions such as heart disease. Physical effects include:

  • Tense muscles
  • Inability to move about freely
  • Lack of energy
  • Changes in appetite

Emotional effects include:

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of re-occurrence

Over one in five people suffers from chronic pain that interferes with quality of life, and the burden of this discomfort has long reaching implications. Although a number of drugs on the market can provide temporary relief, the side-effects, issues with tolerance, and rising rates of addiction are forcing scientists and doctors alike to look for alternatives to pain management.

 How the brain thinks during chronic painful conditions

 An instance of acute trauma can actually alter perception and anticipation of future discomfort; this psychosomatic thought process acts as self fulfilling prophecy as person grow to believe that this is the state they must live in. Emotional response, mood, and thinking are all affected as the patient struggles to either come to terms with their reality or seeks comfort and freedom from the condition. This challenge for developing management alternatives has led scientists to begin studying the brain and its role in processing pain for additional answers. What they are uncovering is a clear link to two areas of the brain that process this type of information—their thalamus and the prefrontal cortex. 


 The thalamus sits at the base of the brain and acts as a gateway between it and the spinal cord. Upon the onset of an injury or an occurrence of acute pain, this gateway remains open as the body attempts to process information and receive answers about healing and treatment in the most efficient way possible. If acute conditions become chronic, it is observed that this gateway remains open and makes the entire body and nervous system hypersensitive to stimulation, thereby exacerbating the problem.

 How the prefrontal cortex and mood are affected

 In people experiencing chronic conditions, the prefrontal cortex actually decreases in volume and its ability to function. This is the region of the brain that regulates mood and emotion—in its normal state, it regulates emotional responses appropriately, allows for personality expression and gives cues with regard to what expected social norms are. When chronic painful conditions are present, mood swings can cause issues in both personal and professional life. Due to ongoing discomfort, every emotion and cognition are greatly amplified. People with ongoing pain experience more fear and worry than those who are considered “healthy”, and the prefrontal cortex does not have the capacity to subdue these feelings and regulate mood. It is not uncommon for those who experience chronic painful conditions to entertain suicidal thoughts; between unpredictable mood swings, a hypersensitive central nervous system, and lack of validation from family and friends who cannot “see” their condition, it can sometimes be too much to bear. Because of ongoing trauma in the brain, the way that cells communicate with each other actually becomes damaged. Using a process of “re-writing” and neuro feedback, scientists are now working to change the way that cells talk to each other and rewrite painful memories. 

Perception influences pain

 Just as the brain becomes damaged through the experience of chronic painful conditions, it can also be reconditioned to perceive the experience of discomfort relatively easily, given the right stimuli. Quite often, people with chronic conditions have a faulty perception of both the size of their body parts and their perception of touch, indicating that there is a disconnect with location-specific information processing. There are now a series of clinical trials being done using virtual reality tools and verbal feedback from doctors that changes the way patients perceive their experience. Repeated conditioning and positive feedback have changed sensory perception and thus, the patient’s perception of their own body and of their condition. Treatments have now taken on a multi-sensory nature, and it is being proven quite effective at reducing and, in some cases, eliminating the experience of chronic pain altogether.

 How to talk about chronic painful conditions

 Quite often, those who experience chronic painful conditions share their discomfort with those around them. Partners who offer expressions of support and assistance will find that these behaviours will increase, while those who do not give support to this behavior will find that the relationship suffers when the affected person refuses to share their experience with them. Mood swings may grow increasingly more erratic and unpredictable, doing damage to the relationship. While it is important to know when a partner is experiencing discomfort, finding other things to discuss and other things to focus on will help to diffuse some of the potential for unhealthy behaviours to develop. 

The light at the end of the tunnel

 With innovative technologies, new information about nutrition, and groundbreaking studies being done on the effect of chronic painful conditions on the brain, we now have the tools and knowledge to provide relief, if not remission, for millions of people. 

Invest in yourself, invest in your wellness, and seek support that brings you to that better place. Here’s to your best health!

Food For Pain

Long before recorded history, food has been used as a natural method for pain control or relief and elimination of inflammation.

The difference between our ancestors and us is that we have the research to teach us the causes of pain and what to do to alleviate it. Let’s examine pain, and then we’ll move on to the foods that help.

It seems that several factors can affect how you interpret pain:

  • emotional and psychological state;
  • memories of previous pain;
  • upbringing;
  • expectations of and attitudes towards pain;
  • beliefs and values;
  • age;
  • sex; and
  • social and cultural influences.

Hence the experience of pain differs from person to person.

Pain And The Immune System

When they body is injured, receptors at the injury site send pain signals through the nervous system to the brain. The brain then sends repair orders back to the site of the injury via the nervous system. From where does the repair come?

The immune system is a silent partner to the nervous system. Only when the nerves transmit their message through neurotransmitters does the immune system go to work.

First Stage Of Healing

The immune system rushes platelets to the injury site to facilitate clotting. These platelets also cover the injury in what is commonly known as a scab. The platelets also call on other immune cells to initiate the inflammatory stage of healing.


The swelling around a wound is the outward sign of inward cells working to heal the wound. Cells pack around the wound, carrying off bacteria and other outside threats to the injury. The second thing these cells do is build the foundation for repair of damaged tissues.


The third thing the immune cells do is rebuild the actual skin. They’ve already repaired the tissues beneath the wound. Now they move to rebuild the skin beneath the scab. This is completed when the scab falls off the wound. What about pain, though?

Without getting too technical, the whole body is a mass of nerve endings. When the injury occurred, the nerves involved began screaming to the brain. The brain has a choice: it can rush help to the injury or, if it’s concentrating on something important at the time, it can mute the screams until such time as it’s able to consider the injury.

At the same time this is happening, the muscles of the body have registered an impact. They tighten up which often exacerbates the pain. The most common type of pain is acute, and it disappears as the wound heals.

Chronic pain, however, is when pain continues after the injury has healed. Arthritis in its many forms is the most common example of this.

Food As Medicine

Science has become increasingly aware of the health disadvantages of prepared and pre-packaged foods such as “just add water” meals, or “heat and eat” meals.

The colourings, preservatives, and processed sugars and flours included in these processed fare aren’t natural. Therefore, they aren’t processed in the body like fresh, organic food. In order to control or alleviate pain and inflammation, stick with natural and eschew anything in a box or a can.

Acidic Foods

Controlling or eliminating pain and inflammation is also about eating the right meals, herbs, and spices.

Anti-Inflammatory Through Good Fats

Healthy fats are vital to the body due to the fact that the brain and organs are made of fat. There’s no need to go into monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats. Just remember to use virgin or extra virgin olive oil, virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, avocado, or sesame oil. These are natural and do not contain added gases to extend shelf life or form trans fats.

Healthy fats from food are just as important. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, sardines, herring, and trout are incredible anti-inflammatories. A great resource is the


Drink to thrist

Pain Relief Right In The Kitchen

Natural pain relievers in the kitchen include turmeric, ginger, hot peppers, and cherries. Ginger and turmeric are sprinkled over most any food you’re cooking including bacon and eggs. Turmeric contains curcumin, the main ingredient in curry.

Both spices block pain signals to the brain and ease your discomfort. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, a potent heat rub for achy joints. Cherries ease arthritis pain and gout the same way.

Pain Relief Through Fresh Fruits And Veggies

In most cases, when you’re using fresh fruits and vegetables for natural pain and inflammation relief, you have to remember that you can’t just bite into a red Bell pepper and expect the pain to evaporate. Combining herbs and spices with fresh fruits and veggies dishes along with exercise and plenty of fresh air and sleep all combine to help ease pain.

With that said, it’s the components in the fruit or vegetable that blocks pain signals to the brain or keeps inflammation from forming or getting worse.

It’s the phytonutrients as well as the vitamins and minerals in brightly coloured fruits and veggies like strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, carrots, and bright green leafy veggies like broccoli, kale, and asparagus that stop pain in its tracks. Obviously the best food is grown without harmful pesticide and herbicides.Also grown sustainably.

Other Natural Pain Relief

Not only food fights pain and inflammation, but other organic means as well such as soaking in a warm tub with epsom salts. The magnesium soothes achy joints and muscles. Add a few drops of peppermint, tea tree, or lavender essential oils, and you have a soothing, healing bath.

Using a cup of extra virgin coconut oil mixed with about ten to fifteen drops of eucalyptus, rosemary, clary sage, or rosehips essential oils, rub the mixture into the painful area. You can combine the essential oils in any combination that smells and feels good to you. Doing this twice or three times per day should make you feel better.

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If You’re A Healer You Don’t Have To Go Hungry!

guy biting whole pumpkin in a field

If you are in the business of practicing alternative healing, you may find yourself struggling with a common problem. You feel guilty about charging high fees, you constantly undercut your prices then feel you have undersold yourself, and you feel compelled to offer free services but then find yourself being used and drained by toxic people and chronic takers. 

Why Healers Find It Hard To Value Themselves

Money is an exchange of energy. In the past, a healer would be compensated through bartering. This means that whatever the individual has is potential compensation for your services. If they are a baker, they may offer you bread. If they raise chickens, they may give you eggs. But whatever it is, they will provide an exchange of their time and efforts for your time and efforts.

In our modern world, money has replaced that system. For better or worse, we now exchange our time and energy for money and then exchange our money for another person’s time and energy. This simple concept has seen some corruption where people start to blame money itself as being “the root of all evil.”

This is a powerful psychological factor for many people that prevents them from asking for more money and makes them feel guilty if they have too much. But at its core, money is an exchange of energy. Asking for money is equivalent to saying your time and energy are valuable to others.

Asking For Fair Payment Is A Form Of Self-Respect

If you have decided to become a healer, it is probably because you have realized you can change people lives for the better with your gifts. This is a service that is very valuable. If you are struggling and feel under valued, you may be undercutting your prices or frequently offering them for free. That is sending the message that you do not think they are worth that much.

When you have care taking and nurturing personality type, you may feel compelled to help others who need it. This can be a noble pursuit and is the foundation of charity work but tends to be under valued in the business world. But you need to ask yourself if you want your work to be a charity or a business. Depending on the answer, you need to take a very different direction.

Small Business Owners Struggles

Small business owners have no shortage of struggles. If your healing business is your source of income and livelihood, then you need to make sure you have the appropriate funds to keep sustaining yourself and your time is not under valued. If you decide to work with people who know how much your services are worth, then you are going to be choosing a path that helps you thrive as a human being and as a healer.

Many small business owners who are in the healing business may struggle with embracing the technical side of their business. Your own marketing plan and sales process may be under valued. This can be a difficult transition and may feel counter intuitive to your usual perspectives as a healer or energy worker. But if you can learn to embrace the requirements of owning a business and re-frame your perspectives on competitiveness, payment, and marketing, then you can create a business that is in harmony with your practice.

Goats butting heads.


Competition is a powerful want to improve yourself. Looking at your successful competitors can help generate inspiration and show you what you can do to improve your business. Often in the business world, harsh and abrasive language is used. Things like “crushing the competition” create the idea that competing has to be negative and warlike. This can easily turn off most healers to the idea of embracing competitiveness.

A better way for struggling small business owners to view competition is as the runner beside you who makes you go faster. Look at how much effort they are putting in, the skills they’ve developed, and use that to improve yourself. This can be powerful to keep you moving forward with your business.

You can also make yourself stand out from the competition by consistently increasing and expanding your skill set. You can use the revenue to reinvest in your business and in your self. This can pay off by setting you apart and helping you to create your own unique approaches. Use your time to refine your mission and continue to increase your ability to express that statement.

Consistently Promote Yourself

Small business owners must promote themselves if they want to find success through their business. If you are struggling financially, you will find yourself struggling to be fully present in your business. This may translate to feeling under valued, having more unhappy moods, worrying excessively, and having higher levels of stress.

There are many easy ways to promote yourself that are under valued. The main aspect of marketing and advertising is so that you can build an audience who can benefit from your services. One awesome way is through sending out emails that provide valuable information or offering a “freebie” digital product in exchange for joining your mailing list. This means people who need your help are beginning to get the help that they need while increasing your number of potential clients.

The Take-Away

Never use work that is helping others as an excuse to neglect your own need for financial compensation. The path of running a charity is worlds away from the necessary steps small business owners must take if they are struggling. If you feel under valued, treating yourself fairly is an important part of self-care for struggling small business owners. 

Instead, find ways to provide helpful resources for free that can also serve the purpose of marketing. Then reserve your most time-consuming work that you pour your heart into for customers who know how valuable you are. You will find yourself being happier, more satisfied with your work, and less burnt out.

“How to sell yourself in the Holistic Healing Industry.”

Selling self

There tends to be a negative stigma in the Holistic Healing Industry surrounding selling. As healers, many simply want to do just that: heal. This means that selling becomes that one item that is shied away from in favour of offering services for free.

Instead of giving out all that knowledge for nothing, these nine tips will help you promote and sell your programs without it feeling like a hard sell, so you can finally start to see the success in your business you have always wanted. 

Get Clear On Your Ideal Client

Get to know your clients

With the endless avenues to take in the Holistic Healing Industry in terms of who to help and how, you really need to be specific about your ideal client.

To figure this out, first decide where in your potential client’s health journey you want to meet them. Is she/he a beginner? Has she/he tried different remedies in the past? Is she/he already an expert just needing to stay up to date?

Once you decide where she/he is on their health journey, you can now get really specific about who this person is. To do this well, you need to spend some time getting into her/his head, their emotions, their family, and their daily life.

From this point forward, all of your content, social media posts, messaging, and services need to be directed towards this person. You will find your client rates increase exponentially when you have a crystal clear vision of who of the clients in the Holistic Healing Industry you want to serve. 

Level Your Programs

Now that you are clear on your ideal client, you need to narrow down your services. Instead of having a long list of programs, put your knowledge into just a few that you can promote repeatedly.

Your very first offer should be an easy entry price point. This service should be one that is a no-brainer for the client to make a financial decision about. 

From there, you should create your signature program. This program is your mid-level price point and is the one you are known for. The signature program is where your clients see the most success. 

By focusing your attention on perfecting both your entry and signature programs, you can promote them regularly and not confuse your audience about where to start. 

Show Up Consistently

Success at last!

The Holistic Healing Industry can be a slow road to success if you only promote your services when you are having a sale. Instead of spamming your audience while you are launching a new service, you need to have a presence even when times are slow. This means you are showing up consistently on your website’s blog, your weekly newsletter, and your social media channels. Not everyone is going to see all of your content everywhere, so you have to continuously put it out there if you want to see success in selling to more clients.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Even if you are showing up consistently, it does not mean much if you are not engaging with your audience. This means you are responding to their comments, answering their questions, and providing feedback where needed. Engaging in a sincere way helps you gain credibility as a professional in Holistic Healing Industry and leads to more success in your business. 

Establish Trust

Earn trust

Rather than just constantly selling to your audience, you need to provide as many free resources, tips, tricks, and skills as you can. Building that trust puts you on the map as an expert in your content area and makes it much easier to promote your business when the time comes to sell a service.

Build Your Email List With An Opt In

As part of showing up consistently, engaging, and establishing trust, you need to build your email list. Your email list is the only true part of your business that you own since the social media algorithms can change quickly. Email is a vital part of your success in the Holistic Healing Industry. 

To grow your list, provide a free offer, or opt in, to your audience in exchange for their email addresses. Make a plan to regularly email everyone on your list at least once a week with free information, updates on programs, and exclusive discounts for subscribers. 

Having an email list is an easy way to promote what you do and share your clients’ successes with your audience. 

Have Clear Calls to Action

No matter where you are choosing to engage with your audience, be sure that you have a clear call to action. If you are hosting a workshop, what do you want the audience to do when it is over? If you are posting on social media, what do you want readers to do in response? 

With a clear call to action, your audience will know exactly how you want them to respond, which gives you high engagement numbers and a way to promote with other companies, clients, and networks.



There are endless networking opportunities for your business, so be proactive in finding them, attending them, and being vocal at them. Make a goal for the amount of networking events you would like to attend each month. Once there, reach out to others, get creative on ways to collaborate, and follow up with anyone you connected with to keep that relationship open for future partnerships. 

Promote What You Do

A huge disservice you can do in your Holistic Healing Industry business is to not tell people what you do. You should be extremely proud of how you can improve a person’s health and should let as many people know as possible. You are literally offering life changing results that you want to share with others.

These nine methods of selling in the Holistic Healing Industry are actionable steps you can take right now to skyrocket your business and start seeing real success. Add them to your calendar, put them on your to do list, and get started today in making your business what you have always dreamed it could be.

Finding your tribe – Attracting new clients and keeping them

Find your tribe

The most important thing is to know who you are before you look at serving anyone else and being bold in your message. Even though there are quite a number of coaches, healers, and health consultants in the alternative lifestyle and healing world, and a lot of voices in it, especially in the online space, there’s still room for you and what you offer. The key is taking the time to learn exactly what that is and creating a message, AKA brand voice, around that which fully represents you and that you are excited to share.

It’s not just about the services you offer either. You need to know the type of voice you want to have when you present your business, as well as the type of people that you feel energised by when you work with them. This is especially important since you’ll be working with people through their personal issues and healing processes. When you work with people on such a deep level, you should be working with people who you’re excited to speak with, just as much as they’re excited to work with you and speak with you.

Use Your Story

Use your story

Now that you’ve thought about who you are as an entrepreneur, it’s time to consider your story and how it brought you to the place where you decided to let your talents bless the rest of the world.

For many working entrepreneurs or business owners in the alternative lifestyle and healing space, this is one of the bigger challenges that they will face. That’s because we often live our lives as we are, using our talents and gifts to make the world and other people’s lives better, having success on our terms, but we don’t often get a chance to put everything we do into words. So, when it’s time to create a bio or write the “about” page on your website or create your unique selling point, it takes extra time and effort because now you’re taking the intangible and putting it into something tangible that communicates to people why they would want to work with you.

If you’re not exactly sure where to start to find what your story is, think back to the “aha moment” that had you move from where you were into being in the alternative lifestyle and healing industry. Use that in your story to get to your unique selling point and also include words your clients have said as you’ve helped them along their journey to a better version of themselves.

New clients aren’t just interested in hearing success stories from your clients, they are interested in knowing your journey as well, so talk to them about it. Allowing them to know you gives them great insight into how you will be able to help them.

Create Resources That Connect

creating useful resources

One of the best ways to find your tribe is creating resources that they want and need. When you’re in business, even from a heart-centered perspective you will still need to have some practicality behind what you do in order to attract new clients. 

Part of the success in your business of getting new clients will be creating how-to resources, guides, and cheat sheets that allow people to get started on their own from a certain point with a little bit of the knowledge that you were able to offer them in order for them to better understand your methodologies and process.

Once you’re able to get them onto your mailing list, from there you can connect deeper with them through weekly or bi-weekly email messages with even more resources, value, and knowledge behind it.

When you create resources that connect with your alternative lifestyle and healing tribe, they pay attention to what you say and you don’t get lost in their inbox or become another bullhorn on social media. They’ll like what you post, they will share the information that you provide, and they will even refer other people to you and that will bring you even more new clients to help.

Have a Unique Social Media Strategy

Be unique

If you haven’t started creating a social media strategy yet or if your current social media strategy isn’t bringing in the results you what, it’s time to rethink how you communicate with your tribe and connect with them on social media. Success on social media starts with having a strategy that is specific to you, your voice, and what your tribe wants to see from you. You also have to consider what else your tribe is seeing from other people in the alternative lifestyle and healing arena. As you begin to do your research and find out this information, you’ll be able to better create a social media strategy that connects with your tribe by using words, pictures, and captions that they want to hear and interact with.

If your budget allows for it, invest in a social media strategy program or speak with a social media consultant who has a good track record of being able to grow businesses by utilising social media post and paid social media ads.

Now that you know how to find your tribe and keep them, you can use these tips to place yourself on a path to success in order to see your alternative lifestyle and healing business grow.

It’s important to understand that your tribe wants to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them or the person in your industry that you look up to. There are enough clients out there for everyone, now all you have to do is connect with those who are drawn to you.

Your mother was right! Why sleep is important for business!

alarmclock at night

Sleep for the brain.

So it turns out your mum was right …what the? Oh and Shakespeare it seems. Yes, you heard it Shakespeare from Macbeth ‘sleep is the chief nourisher in life’s feast’.If you sleep before and after learning it’s like hitting the save button, bingo your memory is enhanced.

Sleep for creativity.

REM sleep is beneficial to the creative process. This stage of sleep helps the brain connect unrelated ideas, which in turn aids creative problem-solving.

Sleep and weight loss.

Getting less sleep will cause an imbalance in hormones and cause a higher level of ghrelin.

Sleep and your immune system.

During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress.

Sleep, depression, and anxiety.

A lack of sleep can impair your emotional regulation and thinking, which can intensify depression and other psychiatric diagnoses.

fresh cup of expresso

Tips for healthy sleep.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed for some people it may take 12 hours for caffeine to leave the system.
  • Dark sleeping space, try to keep your bedroom dark as possible.
  • Blue light blockers, wear blue light blockers on sunset or avoid blue light altogether.
  • Sleep in a cold bedroom or the use a chilly pad on your bed.
  • Get the right sun exposure during the day.
  • Don’t lie in bed awake.
  • Turn off your phone and the wifi

“Reasons why mindset matters in business”

abstract head black and white mind map

Working successfully in business requires more than the ability to sell and deliver a high-quality product or service to your target audience. Knowing how to implement natural therapies to improve your overall mindset is essential to maximise productivity without sacrificing potential opportunities for your small business to scale and succeed. With the right mindset, tackle any obstacles and struggles you encounter as a small business owner to ensure you are always moving forward in the right direction.

You Need to Focus

One of the most important reasons to work on improving your overall mindset is to focus better when running your small business and making vital decisions that are likely to impact and affect the outcome of your future. Having the ability to focus and hone in on a task or project while managing your small business is essential, especially when you are running the operation on your own or working to cultivate networking opportunities, potential partners, and even investors. 

When you are stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or discouraged, maintaining proper focus on the task-at-hand becomes increasingly difficult, even if you are typically familiar with the task you need to complete.

Attitude plays a major role in successful small business owners and independent entrepreneurs alike. An entrepreneur who is incapable of remaining calm in high-stress situations is much more likely to encounter or create conflict with others throughout their journey. Having the ability to remain calm while maintaining complete control over all of your emotions and emotional responses you feel during stressful events provides you with a massive advantage in the business world.

calm face sculpture in landscape

Remaining Calm

When you are fully capable of maintaining your emotions and staying calm in stressful meetings and situations, it is much easier to negotiate and to work with others, even if you are not in full agreement with another individual. Remaining calm is not only beneficial for your mental health, but it also showcases that you have the ability to lead and take charge to others–which is optimal when working together with investors, partners, and prospective clients or customers. 

box of walnuts and some out of the box.

When Thinking Outside of the Box is Necessary

Individuals who do not have a proper mindset and who feel down or negative about their current situations are much less likely to make necessary changes in their professional lives for the better. In business, thinking outside of the box is extremely important, especially if you are working in an industry or niche that is highly competitive and difficult to enter. When you want to remain creative while having the ability to think outside of the box on a whim, improving your overall outlook can drastically impact your levels of creativity and the number of unique and interesting ideas you are capable of generating yourself.

Setting Long-Term Goals

Not only is it imperative to have the ability to make decisions on a whim as an entrepreneur, but it is just as important to understand how to properly set and stick to long-term goals you have in mind for your business and professional future. Setting long-term goals matters for any business owner, even if the company they are running is currently active and successful. Without long-term goals, it becomes difficult to determine the best course of action to take when making decisions that are likely to impact your company’s overall bottom line.

Maintain a Desire to Learn

When your mind is closed and you are unable to feel optimistic, learning new skills and methods of managing your business can feel uncomfortable and stressful. Learning is a never-ending process in life, especially when you are working in business or managing your own brand. Having the desire to continuously learn is a way of thinking that is extremely beneficial to business owners and independent entrepreneurs alike. 

Failure is Part of the Process

As a full-time entrepreneur running your own business, failure is simply part of the process. Most successful CEOs and business managers have encountered failure at one time or another while working towards success. Knowing how to face failures and overcome them with alternative solutions is an integral part of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Rather than allowing failure to get you down or shift your mood, maintaining control of your outlook and response to failure is a must. Whenever you face failure or experience a failure when it comes to your business, it is import to have the ability to quickly make decisions that are positive and beneficial for growth, rather than detrimental and a hinderance to the potential future of your company. 

bunch of fresh lavender

Implementing Natural Therapies to Improve Your Current Mindset

While maintaining a positive outlook and frame of mind is not always easy, it is possible with the right natural therapies. Natural therapies are extremely useful to help with decompressing and finding balance in your everyday life whether you are at work or home. Some of the most prevalent natural therapies used by entrepreneurs and small business owners alike include: 

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Meditation/Guided Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Proper Diet and Nutrition
  • Partaking in Hobbies
  • Positive Social Gatherings

Implementing natural therapies into your everyday life is a great way to reduce stress while providing you with the ability to gain perspective on the decisions you make for the future of your business. With natural therapies, avoid using medication when it is not necessary and instead, opt for natural remedies and relief to remain positive, focused, and dedicated to the growth of your business and brand. 

Running a business is never easy, regardless of your starting mindset and the demand for your products or services. If you are unable to maintain a positive and healthy mindset while running a small business, it becomes increasingly difficult to maximise your own productivity while having the will to push through even the toughest times. By implementing natural therapies into your everyday life and shifting your thinking, improve your mood, your current outlook, and your overall mindset about life and the future of your small business.

Mentor Madness:Why you need one!

Mentor in focus

In most professional fields of business, having mentors is a plus. Finding one is another story. In this article we look at everything you need to know about getting your mentoring relationship off to a great start. 

Characteristics of a great mentor

There are certain important qualities that great mentors will have. He or she should have expertise, knowledge, and a willingness to share such success and skills. The person must be willing to teach what he or she has learned in the business and to accept you for where you are in your profession. A key to this kind of person is someone who remembers what it was like to be just getting started in the business. 

Remember that good mentors showcase the traits for success. They are willing to demonstrate the qualities of productivity, including actions and behaviours necessary to achieve success in their specific field. Good mentors will never take such a responsibility lightly. They personally invest in the mentee’s success.

Such a person needs to be either a good trainer or teacher. This person also needs top notch skills at communicating. These mentors are dedicated to assisting their mentees to obtain success in their specialty or profession. They empower the mentees to improve their beliefs, strengths, and personal abilities.

Why you need one for success

Success go get it, written on a blackboard.

First you need to understand why it is so important to have a good mentoring relationship. These professionals demonstrate enthusiasm for their field. This is contagious, helping a newer employee to feel the meaning and possibilities in their new position. These mentors place a high value on growth and continuing education in the field or business, which can only help you the mentee. Such professionals will show you how the field is changing and expanding so that you realise there are always more things to learn.

Seeing your mentor’s success will help you to understand that the energy and time you invest in learning the profession will be rewarding and will include satisfaction in the role. These mentors will demonstrate the value of continuous experimentation and learning new things in the field or business. Their excitement to share the knowledge with those new to the field and to show how seriously they take teaching this knowledge is contagious and exciting. They will encourage you to go to professional conferences and workshops in professional associations to expand and grow in the profession.

Good mentors offer helpful feedback and useful guidance as well. This is the best opportunity for growth in learning their present weaknesses and strengths and how to improve on them to become successful in the role. They do this through fantastic communication skills that enable them to challenge you to push the limits of your professional abilities and development so that you attain a sense of accomplishment in the field. 

How to approach prospective mentors

It is critical to approach your choice of mentors in the right manner. You should never simply walk up to the person and ask them to be your mentor straight away. That is too much for the initial approach. Instead, you should ask for a first meeting in an informal setting, like getting a coffee. It should not take up more than an hour. 

At this meeting, you should be prepared to ask questions of the mentor but allow the conversation to go back and forth as in a relationship. When you have doubts about asking for the mentor relationship, you should just go ahead, especially if the meeting has gone well. 

There is time to evaluate your initial meeting and decide if spending more time with the individual will aid in your professional development. Ask yourself if he or she made suggestions or gave encouragement for what you should do next. Did the person ask any questions in return, or answer the ones you asked? If you left this meeting feeling more confident in yourself and a connection happened naturally, then you should pursue asking them take on the mentoring relationship. 

Following up on the initial meeting is critical, and doing it immediately is key. You can frame this in a thank you for their time, via passive communication, like email or a text message. In the end, you can state that you would like to get together again. If the person reciprocates these wishes, then schedule something that works mutually proactively.

How to get the most out of your mentor

Mentor and Mentee

By realising that mentoring is organic, you will be prepared to allow it to naturally progress and grow as with other types of relationships. This means that it requires time to develop and is based on a mutually shared trust and respect. In your enthusiasm, you should be careful not to force the mentoring relationship. It can kill it quickly. Allow it time to grow.

This brings up another crucial point— you should not give up just because it becomes challenging. Good mentors will challenge their mentees at some point. This is almost a given. You will reach a relational point where he or she is confident enough to call you out on something. This is the point where you do not run. You signed up for tough love and growth. This is the stage when the truly useful exchange occurs.

How to show your mentor you mean business

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It is incredibly important to show your choice of mentors that you are serious about this commitment and relationship. You do not have to always wait for him or her to initiate things either. Cordially ask your mentor for the help you are seeking. There is a difference between being persistent and a pest though. It is an honor to your mentor that you ask for more of his or her help nicely and respectfully. It proves your sincerity and commitment. Strengthening this relationship proves you mean business. 

You should also have the courage to request feedback from your mentoring partner. This can be difficult to accept, but it proves that you are interested in this best way to grow. A good mentoring partner will approach such moments with sensitivity and careful thoughtfulness. 

Committing to the process is the most important way you demonstrate your sincerity. It takes longer than a summer internship period to be effectively mentored. It requires serious work and a true time investment. You must commit to the relationship for it to be true mentorship. Then you will start to learn what it means to be a disciple or budding protege.

“How to grab hold of lifestyle opportunities and run with them!”

Grabbing a climbing wall to advance to success.

Follow Your Gut

You have to figure out how to follow your gut. Explaining how one should follow one’s gut can be tricky because some people may misinterpret a given explanation.

A gut feeling usually consists of a deep, indescribable feeling that feels both physical and emotional. It is a type of hunch that a person has. Why gut feelings happen or where they come from is up for debate. Everything from spiritual and metaphysical explanations to scientific explanations may be used. In a reality where things sometimes seem very random and confusing, our gut feelings can sometimes be the shining light that leads us through the tunnel of life. 

Following your gut is important when it comes to grabbing hold of lifestyle opportunities and turning them into great situations. When you have a gut feeling against something, you might feel physically and/or emotionally stressed. You might get a feeling that something is not quite right. The thing that the gut feeling is against may be something that is not really good for you, against your convictions, making you miserable or just dangerous.

When you have a gut feeling that something is positive, you may feel excited, elated, energised, fulfilled and lighthearted. To make the most out of your life, you should strive for situations that allow you to have those feelings. Gut feelings should be utilised when it comes to grabbing hold of lifestyle opportunities and making the most of them.

Follow Your Passion

Hearts in the sand, the passion within
Hearts in sand, the passion within

Following your passion is very important when it comes to finding lifestyle opportunities. Some people have a negative view about this; they think that following one’s passion is a fruitless endeavor if it does not result in, “making you money”. However, that is not the case. Following a given passion can actually open more doors for you. If you follow your passion, you may end up networking with people and coming up with ideas that eventually lead to fulfilment in various areas of your life—economic, social and personal.

For example, following that painting passion may lead you to owning some type of successful business, or perhaps lead you into the arms of the best significant other. Along the way, you may talk to people and hear things that allow you to come up with really good ideas. Even if you only get satisfaction from the time that you spent following your passion, your life has been drastically made better in many ways.

Working Out Your Lifestyle

Working out your lifestyle involves thinking about what your passions are—which involves following your gut feelings. There are a lot of great things in life to appreciate, but what things are hardest to live without? What do you love to do? What are your boundaries when it comes to interpersonal relationships? These questions should guide you when it comes to choosing your lifestyle and which opportunities to look for.

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing may be the one lifestyle opportunity that can help you to live your life to the fullest. It gives a person with a website the opportunity to have ads on his/her website. The person with the website is the affiliate. Being an affiliate can lead to easy income. This extra, easy income may give you the opportunity to fund certain passions that you would not have been able to afford, otherwise. It may also make your life more fun and less stressful if you need more money for bills.

The affiliate advertises the product on his/her website. A person who visits the website clicks the link and goes to the website of the product. The affiliate network is the entity that tracks whenever visitors go to the website of the product. Tracking is done via a cookie. As the visitor remains on the product’s website after clicking the link, the cookie will track the visitor on the website and log the fact that the visitor has come there via a link from the affiliate’s website. If the visitor buys something on the product’s website as the cookie is tracking him/her, the affiliate will receive a commission.


Having fun in a puddle

Some people think that “having fun” is either just for children, or only involves vice when applied to adults. Being miserable and unhappy does not make you a mature adult, and you do not need have those feelings about life to be a mature adult. Do things that are fun—it’s as simple as that. What things do you think are fun? Find out what you find to be fun, and find an opportunity to safely and constructively do those things.

Be In The Know

Being in the know is so important when it comes to following the above suggestions. There are various ways of being in the know—word of mouth, social media, the internet and literature. As you are following your passion and looking for fun experiences, listen to what people say to you, as well as what they say to each other. For example, if you are involved in art-related activities, you may become informed about a great opportunity by listening to the information that people express to each other in conversations. It is also good to read internet articles and forums about certain things that you are interested in because you can gain a much more accurate perspective. When it comes to your given passion and/or lifestyle, you can find a great opportunity just by being inquisitive. It is also not a bad idea to follow various paper publications such as newspapers and magazines. A quick read-through of a newspaper, once in a while, can be very enlightening. You may even find a great opportunity by doing that!