If You’re A Healer You Don’t Have To Go Hungry!

If you are in the business of practicing alternative healing, you may find yourself struggling with a common problem. You feel guilty about charging high fees, you constantly undercut your prices then feel you have undersold yourself, and you feel compelled to offer free services but then find yourself being used and drained by toxic people and chronic takers. 

Small Business Owners Struggles

Small business owners have no shortage of struggles. If your healing business is your source of income and livelihood, then you need to make sure you have the appropriate funds to keep sustaining yourself and your time is not under valued. If you decide to work with people who know how much your services are worth, then you are going to be choosing a path that helps you thrive as a human being and as a healer.

Many small business owners who are in the healing business may struggle with embracing the technical side of their business. Your own marketing plan and sales process may be under valued. This can be a difficult transition and may feel counter intuitive to your usual perspectives as a healer or energy worker. But if you can learn to embrace the requirements of owning a business and re-frame your perspectives on competitiveness, payment, and marketing, then you can create a business that is in harmony with your practice.

Goats butting heads.


Competition is a powerful want to improve yourself. Looking at your successful competitors can help generate inspiration and show you what you can do to improve your business. Often in the business world, harsh and abrasive language is used. Things like “crushing the competition” create the idea that competing has to be negative and warlike. This can easily turn off most healers to the idea of embracing competitiveness.

A better way for struggling small business owners to view competition is as the runner beside you who makes you go faster. Look at how much effort they are putting in, the skills they’ve developed, and use that to improve yourself. This can be powerful to keep you moving forward with your business.

You can also make yourself stand out from the competition by consistently increasing and expanding your skill set. You can use the revenue to reinvest in your business and in your self. This can pay off by setting you apart and helping you to create your own unique approaches. Use your time to refine your mission and continue to increase your ability to express that statement.

Consistently Promote Yourself

Small business owners must promote themselves if they want to find success through their business. If you are struggling financially, you will find yourself struggling to be fully present in your business. This may translate to feeling under valued, having more unhappy moods, worrying excessively, and having higher levels of stress.

There are many easy ways to promote yourself that are under valued. The main aspect of marketing and advertising is so that you can build an audience who can benefit from your services. One awesome way is through sending out emails that provide valuable information or offering a “freebie” digital product in exchange for joining your mailing list. This means people who need your help are beginning to get the help that they need while increasing your number of potential clients.

The Take-Away

Never use work that is helping others as an excuse to neglect your own need for financial compensation. The path of running a charity is worlds away from the necessary steps small business owners must take if they are struggling. If you feel under valued, treating yourself fairly is an important part of self-care for struggling small business owners. 

Instead, find ways to provide helpful resources for free that can also serve the purpose of marketing. Then reserve your most time-consuming work that you pour your heart into for customers who know how valuable you are. You will find yourself being happier, more satisfied with your work, and less burnt out.


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