“How to sell yourself in the Holistic Healing Industry.”

Selling self

There tends to be a negative stigma in the Holistic Healing Industry surrounding selling. As healers, many simply want to do just that: heal. This means that selling becomes that one item that is shied away from in favour of offering services for free.

Instead of giving out all that knowledge for nothing, these nine tips will help you promote and sell your programs without it feeling like a hard sell, so you can finally start to see the success in your business you have always wanted. 

Get Clear On Your Ideal Client

Get to know your clients

With the endless avenues to take in the Holistic Healing Industry in terms of who to help and how, you really need to be specific about your ideal client.

To figure this out, first decide where in your potential client’s health journey you want to meet them. Is she/he a beginner? Has she/he tried different remedies in the past? Is she/he already an expert just needing to stay up to date?

Once you decide where she/he is on their health journey, you can now get really specific about who this person is. To do this well, you need to spend some time getting into her/his head, their emotions, their family, and their daily life.

From this point forward, all of your content, social media posts, messaging, and services need to be directed towards this person. You will find your client rates increase exponentially when you have a crystal clear vision of who of the clients in the Holistic Healing Industry you want to serve. 

Level Your Programs

Now that you are clear on your ideal client, you need to narrow down your services. Instead of having a long list of programs, put your knowledge into just a few that you can promote repeatedly.

Your very first offer should be an easy entry price point. This service should be one that is a no-brainer for the client to make a financial decision about. 

From there, you should create your signature program. This program is your mid-level price point and is the one you are known for. The signature program is where your clients see the most success. 

By focusing your attention on perfecting both your entry and signature programs, you can promote them regularly and not confuse your audience about where to start. 

Show Up Consistently

Success at last!

The Holistic Healing Industry can be a slow road to success if you only promote your services when you are having a sale. Instead of spamming your audience while you are launching a new service, you need to have a presence even when times are slow. This means you are showing up consistently on your website’s blog, your weekly newsletter, and your social media channels. Not everyone is going to see all of your content everywhere, so you have to continuously put it out there if you want to see success in selling to more clients.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Even if you are showing up consistently, it does not mean much if you are not engaging with your audience. This means you are responding to their comments, answering their questions, and providing feedback where needed. Engaging in a sincere way helps you gain credibility as a professional in Holistic Healing Industry and leads to more success in your business. 

Establish Trust

Earn trust

Rather than just constantly selling to your audience, you need to provide as many free resources, tips, tricks, and skills as you can. Building that trust puts you on the map as an expert in your content area and makes it much easier to promote your business when the time comes to sell a service.

Build Your Email List With An Opt In

As part of showing up consistently, engaging, and establishing trust, you need to build your email list. Your email list is the only true part of your business that you own since the social media algorithms can change quickly. Email is a vital part of your success in the Holistic Healing Industry. 

To grow your list, provide a free offer, or opt in, to your audience in exchange for their email addresses. Make a plan to regularly email everyone on your list at least once a week with free information, updates on programs, and exclusive discounts for subscribers. 

Having an email list is an easy way to promote what you do and share your clients’ successes with your audience. 

Have Clear Calls to Action

No matter where you are choosing to engage with your audience, be sure that you have a clear call to action. If you are hosting a workshop, what do you want the audience to do when it is over? If you are posting on social media, what do you want readers to do in response? 

With a clear call to action, your audience will know exactly how you want them to respond, which gives you high engagement numbers and a way to promote with other companies, clients, and networks.



There are endless networking opportunities for your business, so be proactive in finding them, attending them, and being vocal at them. Make a goal for the amount of networking events you would like to attend each month. Once there, reach out to others, get creative on ways to collaborate, and follow up with anyone you connected with to keep that relationship open for future partnerships. 

Promote What You Do

A huge disservice you can do in your Holistic Healing Industry business is to not tell people what you do. You should be extremely proud of how you can improve a person’s health and should let as many people know as possible. You are literally offering life changing results that you want to share with others.

These nine methods of selling in the Holistic Healing Industry are actionable steps you can take right now to skyrocket your business and start seeing real success. Add them to your calendar, put them on your to do list, and get started today in making your business what you have always dreamed it could be.

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