Finding your tribe – Attracting new clients and keeping them

Find your tribe

The most important thing is to know who you are before you look at serving anyone else and being bold in your message. Even though there are quite a number of coaches, healers, and health consultants in the alternative lifestyle and healing world, and a lot of voices in it, especially in the online space, there’s still room for you and what you offer. The key is taking the time to learn exactly what that is and creating a message, AKA brand voice, around that which fully represents you and that you are excited to share.

It’s not just about the services you offer either. You need to know the type of voice you want to have when you present your business, as well as the type of people that you feel energised by when you work with them. This is especially important since you’ll be working with people through their personal issues and healing processes. When you work with people on such a deep level, you should be working with people who you’re excited to speak with, just as much as they’re excited to work with you and speak with you.

Use Your Story

Use your story

Now that you’ve thought about who you are as an entrepreneur, it’s time to consider your story and how it brought you to the place where you decided to let your talents bless the rest of the world.

For many working entrepreneurs or business owners in the alternative lifestyle and healing space, this is one of the bigger challenges that they will face. That’s because we often live our lives as we are, using our talents and gifts to make the world and other people’s lives better, having success on our terms, but we don’t often get a chance to put everything we do into words. So, when it’s time to create a bio or write the “about” page on your website or create your unique selling point, it takes extra time and effort because now you’re taking the intangible and putting it into something tangible that communicates to people why they would want to work with you.

If you’re not exactly sure where to start to find what your story is, think back to the “aha moment” that had you move from where you were into being in the alternative lifestyle and healing industry. Use that in your story to get to your unique selling point and also include words your clients have said as you’ve helped them along their journey to a better version of themselves.

New clients aren’t just interested in hearing success stories from your clients, they are interested in knowing your journey as well, so talk to them about it. Allowing them to know you gives them great insight into how you will be able to help them.

Create Resources That Connect

creating useful resources

One of the best ways to find your tribe is creating resources that they want and need. When you’re in business, even from a heart-centered perspective you will still need to have some practicality behind what you do in order to attract new clients. 

Part of the success in your business of getting new clients will be creating how-to resources, guides, and cheat sheets that allow people to get started on their own from a certain point with a little bit of the knowledge that you were able to offer them in order for them to better understand your methodologies and process.

Once you’re able to get them onto your mailing list, from there you can connect deeper with them through weekly or bi-weekly email messages with even more resources, value, and knowledge behind it.

When you create resources that connect with your alternative lifestyle and healing tribe, they pay attention to what you say and you don’t get lost in their inbox or become another bullhorn on social media. They’ll like what you post, they will share the information that you provide, and they will even refer other people to you and that will bring you even more new clients to help.

Have a Unique Social Media Strategy

Be unique

If you haven’t started creating a social media strategy yet or if your current social media strategy isn’t bringing in the results you what, it’s time to rethink how you communicate with your tribe and connect with them on social media. Success on social media starts with having a strategy that is specific to you, your voice, and what your tribe wants to see from you. You also have to consider what else your tribe is seeing from other people in the alternative lifestyle and healing arena. As you begin to do your research and find out this information, you’ll be able to better create a social media strategy that connects with your tribe by using words, pictures, and captions that they want to hear and interact with.

If your budget allows for it, invest in a social media strategy program or speak with a social media consultant who has a good track record of being able to grow businesses by utilising social media post and paid social media ads.

Now that you know how to find your tribe and keep them, you can use these tips to place yourself on a path to success in order to see your alternative lifestyle and healing business grow.

It’s important to understand that your tribe wants to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them or the person in your industry that you look up to. There are enough clients out there for everyone, now all you have to do is connect with those who are drawn to you.

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